Why CSS is good for Website Design & Search Engines

Why CSS is good for Website Design & Search Engines

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a coding language which is a prized possession in the website designing world. From tweaking to get the smallest detail to making the coding more search engine friendly, the qualities of resorting to CSS for website design and search engine is indeed quite great. Here are some details on CSS-related website design.

Reducing the Refreshing Time
The plus point in including CSS to a website design is that it reducesthe render time for the pages. In short, users would find it easy to browse through the pages of the website having CSS codes. With pages refreshing in no time, both traffic and search engines would feel at ease to browse the site. This increases ranking and popularity.

Updating Websites Faster
Today, with large number of websites following the dynamic content methodology, the content needs to be updated every minute. This updating sequence is much faster for a site having CSS code.

The updating sequence for global elements is also much faster using a CSS code. For instance, you want to change the border of the top band of your website from pink to red, a slight tweaking in the CSS source code would help change the color. Moreover, if you were to change the color in every page, the task would be Herculean and not without a fault using HTML code. The best way to deal with this is through CSS.

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) having a direct relation to frequent changes in the website design, the idea of resorting to CSS is a wonderful proposition.

Browsing Equally Well in Different Devices
Search engines are in constant look-out for websites which are friendly to different browsers. They see how compatible a website is finally after its designing. Using CSS, you would be able to showcase your website to users with similar effect in a desktop, PDA, mobile phones, or Macintosh PC.

Coding with CSS for SEO
SEO for a website is successful only when CSS codes are used in the body text as well as the source code. If the source code is long with huge amount of JavaScript and other codes, the spiders would not be able to fully assess the website’s actually body text.

Here lies the brilliance of CSS code. The source code is spic-and-span and the short. The entire body text coding is also neat and error-free. The tables, fonts, and colors are neatly done and artistically created as well. You’d get even more enhancements using CSS code rather than settling for HTML traditionally coding.

So, CSS is a wonder-boy for website design and Search engine promotion.

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