Websites, CSS && Banners, solution?

Question by Ryan: Websites, CSS && Banners, solution?
I am working on a Liquid/ fluid CSS website and I have the banner set to stretch to fill the users screen resolution.

I am wondering how I should make the banner image so it will look best as it stretches around.. I am keeping it 90px high..

so how wide should I make the initial banner.. and what format/ how to make it high quality?

any alternative solution I am open to.. I just want it to look good and fill out to the users screen resolution 🙂


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Answer by Juan
Well, what I would so is create the main content of the site on your end, and then create a banner to accommodate the size of the content. For example, the content size totaled would be 700px or so. The banner should be about that same size in width, and the height [this is just my preference but you can use whatever] could be around 100-150px. That’s just what I would do.

For the banner to be high quality, use the image extensions .gif, .png or .jpg. The extension you use depends on the amount of colors present in the image. GIF images can support up to 256 colors. PNG is a more widely supported image type because it can hold millions of color [plus the web widely accepts it]. JPEG on the other hand is good for digital images [like those found on a camera] but can give your image ‘lossy compression’ which is kind of like bunches together similar colors by a little.

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