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Microsoft Bing Beat Google in Social in 2010: Analysts

Microsoft announced several updates to its Bing search engine, including improvements to its user experience, local and mobile capabilities.

Google has made great strides in these areas, too. The leading search engine launched its Google Places local business search in April, overhauled its search user interface, and applied its Google Instant predictive search technology to mobile phones in November.


Google I/O 2010 – SEO site advice from the experts

Google I/O 2010 – SEO site advice from the experts Tech Talks Matt Cutts, Greg Grothaus, Evan Roseman A perfect opportunity to get your website reviewed by the experts in the Google Search Quality team. Attendees can get concrete search engine optimization (SEO) feedback on their own sites. We’ll also answer real-life questions that affect developers when it comes to optimizing their websites for search. For all I/O

Joomla Templates | Affordable Hosting Services

Joomla templates are basically what provide the look and feel of your Joomla powered website. Joomla templates gives style to your site and provides a basic design for you to build your website within the template.

A Joomla template is basically an installable packaged XHTML document with embedded snippets of scripts and PHP which load the content and modules. The XHTML document


How to manage a global SEO campaign at SES London 2010

Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Erica Schmidt, iProspect and SES Advisory Board Member, about how to manage a global SEO campaign at SES London 2010. Erica says its a common mistake of people when approaching global seo projects to use a simple tool like Google translate. But that could cost you as its less about translation and more about localization. Erica also chimes in on how so many companies


PHP Development: Opportunities to the IT World

PHP as a language: PHP is an open-source general-purpose scripting language that is particularly suited for Web development and can be entrenched into HTML. Being a strong, server-side language it provides a great deal of functionality. PHP has become very renowned and there is a huge demand of the same for its varied usability on the web.

How does it actually help you in