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Update product prices using PHP/mySQL?

Question by Mark C: Update product prices using PHP/mySQL? We have a website with about 100 products that can be bought online using a shopping cart (which uses html forms and perl scripts). The site is static HTML so we have full control over search engine optimisation. However, as you can imagine it becomes a  Full Article…


Using Xml In As3

Using Xml In As3 AS3 XML Tutorial includes supports for E4X (ECMAScript for XML), which makes working with XML much easier than in ActionScript 2. XML support was first added to Flash 5, it was not supported on Flash 4.  This article will explains how a Flash movie can retrieve (load and access) data from an  Full Article…


Benefits Of Using Css Websites

Benefits Of Using Css Websites 1. Separate content from presentation. An external style sheet can contain all the styles for your web site, then if you want to change the content you only have to edit one style sheet. This is great for a web site that contains hundreds or thousands of pages.Imagine if you  Full Article…