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Best WordPress Plugins Every WordPress Blogger Should Be Using On There Blogs

Best Wordpress Plugins Every Wordpress Blogger Should Be Using On There Blogs

Are you tired of searching the web for the best wordpress plugins for your wordpress blog? If so then today is your lucky day because what I have you here is what I think to be the best wordpress plugins every wordpress blogger should be using for there blog or blogs period.


Howto Optimize and Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Do you have problem in your wordpress blog site. usually if your blog is on shared host but starting to get some serious traffic, then you are probably having problems with slow access to your site, and in the future you might even be suspended because of exceeded CPU quota or memory usage. The outcome will be frustration on your side and visitors will be annoyed by this problem too


How to Disable / Turn Off Post Revision in WordPress

After Wordpress introducing the post revision features, it helps blogger to keep revision of the post and restore to previous revisions anytime. However, if there are too many revision stored on wordpress table, it might cause longer execution for query time and processes. That means, your blog or site will load much slower and your visitors may wait longer before the content comes out.