jQuery tutorial: Game Preloader With Ads

jQuery tutorial: Game Preloader With Ads

My previous article was written about how to enrich your gaming site or media portal with the power of jQuery, an open source JavaScript framework. During that article I had indicated important functionality for gaming- and media portals is still missing. This would be a game preloader showing advertising and a rating tool for content. You have probably seen these ads on several different portals and play during loading the actual content. This ad type is most referred to as ‘pre-roll’, ‘stinger’ or ‘preloader’. At the end of the previous article I also indicated that it was important to get some knowledge of the jQuery framework. You require these files to make the pre-roll ad plugin to work.

Pre-roll advertising has been around for a few years now. This form of advertising became popular, because of the higher average CPM and clickthrough rate these ads have. The pre-roll ad is something you can’t go round, like regular advertising being displayed on your portal. Most people don’t see a regular ad anymore, which is referred to as ‘banner blindness’.  Also Mochi Media have embedded these ads in their games.

During the development of my gaming portals I encountered a lot of versions going round the internet. When searching for open source scripts I never came around a proper version that kept loading progress of a game into account. I did see a lot of versions with a progress bar jumping in steps of 10% to 100%, when the ad disappeared and the game was still loading. I can imagine this seems a little bit weird to a visitor. The version now about to be shared with you does take loading progress into account.

Before you move on to the tutorial of installing this script I would like to ask you to place a link somewhere to my Balloon Tower Defense or online games portal in trade. You’ll find the links at the end of my tutorial. It’s not required, but developing and debugging this script took me a week and a half in time.

To download the files and see the manual to install it, visit this jQuery Preload Tutorial page.

Thank you for your interest in this article! The author of this article has more than 6 years of experience in the World of Online Gaming. He also owns several online gaming sites containing Balloon Tower Defense games and Puzzle games.

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