HTML Email: 3 Easy Design Schemes for New Senders

HTML Email: 3 Easy Design Schemes for New Senders

Being a new entrant to the bulk email marketing industry is quite challenge considering that though you are in an industry that has enjoyed spends in the tens of millions of dollars, you are also in one of the most competitive industries in the world. One of the most difficult parts of making it in this industry requires that you are able to convert emails that you will send out into sales. However, this is a terminal objective and there are many enabling objectives along the way that you must target. One of these milestones is achieving a workable design.

Designing your HTML email requires knowledge of web design and understanding what works for users on the internet. Here are some design schemes that you need to bear in mind.

The first design scheme is one in which there is very little imagery and the emphasis is more on the text of the HTML email. This is a useful design template to use if the product that you are trying to sell is not something that has to be seen but its benefits have to be expressed nevertheless. This is especially useful in product lines like medicines, which don’t require an image to help the sale. In fact, the unnecessary use of imagery like a happy family in the email would not be adding any value in the eyes of the customer. The next design scheme is one in which some imagery is required. Many products can come under this categorization and these are usually products that need the traditional touch and feel. For these kinds of products, you need to ensure that there are an adequate number of images that show all the dimensions of the product. The last design scheme that you should contemplate is if you are in the services business. Now in this case, there is not much scope to really show a product but you can definitely showcase the benefits of your service through some kind of graphic description. For this, you can choose a design scheme that accommodates video. Video is something that actually cannot be played from within an email but clicking on it can take one to a landing page, which will allow the recipient to view the video.

These are some very general rules about design schemes that you can use with your HTML email. These are very offering specific and are a good guideline to bear in mind. However, for a more in depth view of how a mail should be designed, beyond these guidelines, requires the help of a graphic designer and someone who knows the elements of design.

One of the styles that has not been discussed is the newsletter style. This is a good way to just place in snippets of information as teasers for the recipient to just click on for more information to appear on a landing page or a website. This should only be used when in consonance with your overall marketing strategy.

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