Get To The Top Of Search Engine Rankings – Learn Low From ‘The Blog and Ping Tutorial’

Get To The Top Of Search Engine Rankings – Learn Low From ‘The Blog and Ping Tutorial’

Internal linking is one such strategy where blogs can be made to rank higher in search engines. Here you leave links on your blogs which take you to pages within your website. A refined linking structure is hugely beneficial. It helps you rank high in search engines and your website is made better from the perspective of the user.

Once of the recently popular mechanism for promoting blogs on search engines is the blog and ping method. In the world of blogging, there is a push mechanism based on XML-RPC where a server is informed about the update of contents by the weblog. A list of new and updated blogs featuring new content is then generated on more than one ‘ping servers’ through the XML-RPC signal. Every time a new post is created by the blogger; the servers are pinged in an automatic manner by the blog authoring tools.

Web services can subscribe to recently pinged blog lists on servers such as and VeriSign’s that are open ping servers. The main aspect to be noted here is that only the latest updated blogs are polled in a swift manner by search engines which provide fresh results. Subscribers are notified by aggregators with the help of the ping servers regarding availability of fresh material.

Proprietary ping servers on the other hand use information obtained only for their own benefit. This is the reason why a lot of blog search engines operate their own ping servers. With no incentive or benefit whatsoever, proprietary servers have no reason to share with other servers their ping data as they are actually competitors.

Services such as Ping-o-matic offer bloggers an opportunity to ping data to multiple proprietary servers simultaneously. Ping-o-matic automatically updates search engines that have been updated by your blog. This service also periodically checks downstream services for legitimacy and proper functioning. These are some of the most important services taken care of by them.

It is very important to avoid indiscriminate pinging and ping only services that are relevant. This will ensure there is no burden on the service provider.

Blog and Ping is thus an online marketing term which uses the pingback service for search engine indexing and content or site delivery aiming for profit. Blogging and pinging is a swift and effective method which is quite valuable. It helps spider your site and bring it into prominence. The crawler is also brought back more often with this method.

It is a simple enough process too. An effective tutorial can teach you how to blog and ping successfully to bring your blog to prominence in search engines thereby improving your chances of reaching out to a large number of audience. Your business links in these blogs can lead valuable prospects to your website thereby increasing your sales.

Here are a few aspects you have to keep in mind as you use the Blog and Ping method for marketing –
•Go through the Blog and ping tutorials, these provide step by step instructions on how to go about the process.
•If you are planning on blog automation, it is necessary to set blog posts with at least a thirty minute gap. This is necessary to ensure blog directories accept your posts.
•It is highly recommended not to post blogs more than twice a day as you are using Blogger even if you ping your blog only once. This will be a danger signal you send to search engines, especially Google.

Pings are being legitimately accepted by Google Blog Search Pinging service. For best results, every time you ping a post, they appear in Google’s blog search. Pinging can be done in two ways –

1.Manual Ping – Here, all you need to do is to visit the blog search site of google and update your blog URL every time you post a blog.
2.Automatic Ping – It is possible to automatically set WordPress to ping Google during every blog update.

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