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Free WordPress Themes Music Facebook Blogging Racehorse and Politics Football Baseball

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     In order to maximize your profits from any website link building is and should rank high on your to do list.  Literally there are hundreds of ways to build links to your website but in many instances the directories you submit to are NOT even seo friendly.  So your wasting your money.  It’s what we call throwing your money down the toilet.  A few years back experts were trying many ways to deceive companies like google and yahoo with ways they could use comment link building to their advantage by using blogs to comment on and they were called do follow blogs, this got many sites sandboxed and useless. Free wordpress themes are a positive way to advertise, having a footer link in a theme can benefit you in hundreds of ways.  Once the owner of a theme gets to market their new site you benefit also.  See it’s a never ending cycle that empowers your site with link juice.  Once a link is purchased on one of our free themes, which gets downloaded thousands of times weekly you never have to worry about link building again.  It can never be taken down, all links come with a 100% secure encryption which means they are there forever and can never be taken off.  There are many free wordpress theme directories out there and get visited daily by people looking for a certain niche.  If you continue to build links this way you will massacre your competitors no matter what field your in.  Each week more and more people will download the theme giving you more direct traffic which equals more sales.  How can you afford NOT to do this?  This is contextual advertising that works on cruise control.  If you know clickbank many website owners use this form of advertising to give their sites a boost and because it’s affiliate based they often do no work at all and make a great deal of money in the process.


      There is one e-book out there explaining how they do this but that’s for another time.  You can have any site but by using a keyword phrase that directs to the link will help you rank high for that phrase.  It does’nt take a brain surgeon to see that this kind of white hat link building works and better yet affordable.  How much money have you blown in the past on marketing?  Did it really work for you?  I bet you continually are searching for a better way to advertise.  There’s an old saying work smarter not harder.  Buy Footer Links can expand your business almost overnite.  Once your theme gets submitted and they do this for you just sit back and see how many links you achieve.  The best part is that they get downloaded forever they will always be there so down the road when people need a particuliar theme you add more linkjuice. Companies like Groupon are a prime example on how and why they became so big.  This is how they became one of the largest coupon companies in the world, they used the same concept.  You can count on your hand the number of companies that do this and Buy Footer Links has a solid reputation behind them.  Usually a week before the process goes from start to finish but that’s all you need to do. 

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