Easiest but best method for creating a WordPress theme?

Question by Joseph Moore: Easiest but best method for creating a WordPress theme?
I am wondering if anyone knows a easy but good method for creating my own WordPress theme? I am not too good with HTML or anything like that.

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Answer by James
Take the default theme and copy/rename it to something else. then start tweaking it. Use style.css inside the theme for your styling. If your not good with html its going to be difficult. A theme is basically a bunch of html code blocks broken up into different files. Its best to design the theme outside of WordPress, then move it into the wordpress template

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  1. Aspire April 16, 2011 at 11:55 PM #

    For basic changes such as backgrounds, colors, font styles and more, the default style is great. If you understand how to do those things but would like to learn more about how to change the general layout, width and design of your wordpress blog, you may find it useful to download already made themes and play with them to learn exactly what you can do.

    I found that the following already existing themes are great to play around with:


    Remember to make copies and backup the original versions of everything before you start editing! If something does get messed up beyond repair, all themes are available at wordpress’ site:


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