CSS cross-browser problem?

Question by M. Mansour: CSS cross-browser problem?
Please check this page, the item title (in the box on the right) shows up right in IE 6 and IE 7. The box looks wrong in FireFox.


In FireFox the background area seem to have a fixed height so long text spills onto next line.

Can someone please help my find a fix for this problem.


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Answer by IT Pro
I am using FF and I see what you mean.

I see you have the .buybox_header div within another div that has a fixed height of 20px, .order-elements. Try changing that 20px part.

One other note: I would consider replacing your hard-coded IP addresses with a domain name since your IP may change at some point. If you have a static IP, then it probably doesn’t matter. Plus you save a DNS lookup 🙂

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