CSS: A Vital Part of Contemporary Web Development Services

CSS: A Vital Part of Contemporary Web Development Services

Many developers believe that with the coming of CSS style sheets, the realm of web development services received the potential to effortlessly manage web pages. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet that facilitates the developers to easily link to other documents in the website. However, it is important to mention that CSS only describes the structure and content presentation of a website and is in no way linked to the design of a website. A single CSS sheet manages positioning, font style of the website and colour. Hence, it imparts them the convenience of retaining complete control over the various elements in all different pages of the website and thus, is a preferred choice of every leading web development company.

Viewing the Pros and Cons of CSS

•    CSS imparts the convenience of easily positioning the elements in the web page. Even during the phase of development, the developer can effortlessly re-position any particular links or columns to increase the creditability of the same. It significantly lowers down the menace of website maintenance.

•    CSS style sheets consume less bandwidth as compared to table layouts. The style sheet is required to be downloaded only once and then it is stocked up in the cache memory, which helps the subsequent pages to load at a much faster rate.

•    Developers prefer using CSS for building their HTML based web applications since it facilitates the creation of print friendly web pages. Moreover, other things such as images, colours etc that are hard to get printed can be easily eradicated and printed.

•    CSS renders the facility to modify the layout of the website without disturbing its content. Externally stored CSS style sheets let the user to craft required amendments. In addition, leading browsers also allow user to come up with their own style sheets.

•    Use of CSS during web development brings a desirable level of consistency to all web pages. Every expression and text receives its characteristics from external style sheet and can be easily modified at point of time during the web development, without having to bother developers much.

•    No matter how incompetent HTML is believed to be if used independently in website development, it leads to the creation of technically strong web pages when supported by CSS.

•    As far as the cons of CSS are concerned, there is only one problem with CSS and that is of poor browser compatibility. Browsers exhibit altering levels of compliance with Style Sheets. According this statement some Style Sheet features are supported whereas some aren’t. To complicate things further, few browser manufacturers prefer to surface with their own proprietary tags.

•    Besides the inconsistent browser support, a few other problems associated with CSS are larger initial time commitment and bugs. However, these issues are minor and can be tackled easily by any efficient web development company.

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