Brute force seo EVO II release give Advice for multilingual SEO Part 1 with multilangual toolbar

Brute force seo EVO II release give Advice for multilingual SEO Part 1 with multilangual toolbar

Consider all the possibilities.

Living as I do on the conjunction of three countries, that is Belgium, Holland and Germany, can make search engine optimisation (SEO) quite a challenge. Just in the surrounding area of the village I work from are four spoken languages so if you extrapolate that out to every possible combination of search terms, browser settings and computer language settings then you begin to see the scale of the problem.

Leaving aside the differing search terms and therefore your various sets of keyword targets, each different language user will have their own set of computer and browser language and preference settings that will give completely differing search results.

As a quick example try searching –

management consulting Liege

– on and

OptimaGest Management Consulting is 2nd out of 392,000 on and 24th out of 291,000 on (Don\’t worry, I\’m still working on the rankings)

So here are a few tips that I have picked up to make your job a bit easier.

First setup your browser for multilingual searches.

Arm yourself with a browser that has configurable profiles. Firefox springs to mind.

Set up a profile for each required language so that your preference language and search engine preferences can be configured.

For Firefox installed with the installer:

Make sure firefox isn\’t running.

Then open the Windows “Start” menu, click “Run” (or Windows key + R) and then type:

firefox.exe -profilemanager or firefox.exe -P

If that doesn\’t work (it doesn\’t on my machine) then you need to type the full path to the firefox.exe surrounded by quotes and then the switch in the “Run” box. e.g.

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -profilemanager

For Mac OS X launch the Terminal

(Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) and enter:

/Applications/ -profilemanager

If that doesn\’t work then include the -bin switch e.g.:

/Applications/ -profilemanager

The profile manager dialogue will open and I recommend that you keep the “default” profile as this will preserve all your current settings. Click on “Create Profile” and follow the instructions. You should create and name a profile for each language and then make sure the “Don\’t ask at startup” option is unchecked. Now when you start Firefox normally the profile manager will open and you will be able to select your required profile.

As you start each profile for the first time go to “Tools” then “Options…”, “Advanced” tab and then click the Languages “Choose…” button. Here set the language that is required for that particular profile and remove the default en-us.

Then open each search engine e.g. in turn and specify in the preferences the required language etc so mirroring as closely as possible the actual setup your target audience will have.

Now you can quickly check your search engine rankings without having to re-configure your browser settings each time for each target market.

Now the multilingual keywords problem.

Of course before you can monitor your success you must first develop your keyword strategy and that is not as straight forward as it would seem. We must research carefully our target keywords in each of our target markets. It is pointless OptimaGest Management Consulting being number one on if the chosen keywords are never actually used in dutch.

My native language is english with a passable knowledge of german and the small beginnings of french so I am dependent on my translators for french and dutch. But web designers are not in the business of producing perfectly grammatical and vocabulary correct sentences such as translators delight in. We are trying to pack an optimum number of relevant search terms or keywords into our copy while keeping it on message and readable.

In our native language we can, with a bit of research and practice, produce web site content that just “glows” with pertinent keywords and phrases leading on to mega search results. But where do you start in language 2, 3 or 4?

That will be the subject of my next article.

Does any of this sound confusing? If you are a newbie(new to the internet), probably so.

For veterans, maybe not.

But I\’m talking to you, Yes you!

Reality Check time:

When it comes to Site Promotion (which SEO is used for) Okay, so you want to be be technical? It\’s used to position your site in the search engine to get traffic, visitors, or simply buyers. Maybe you just have a community message that you want to spread domestically or even globally or sell globally or domestically. Whatever the case. Look me in my eye when I tell you this: (figuratively speaking)

You Can either go fully the routes above alone or add the secret

Traffic rocket fuel called the Force:

What\’s the force you ask?

Brute Force Evolution II (Evo II) Evo 2.

If you

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But listen, it was then that I join the force.

I got indexed in less than 30 minutes. I started getting traffic in ten minutes by looking at my awstats( an internally built traffic counter housed in your sites cpanel database).

Sales within a week. Adsense revenue soon after increased. You can make money on line by building the right alliances. Hey if you are not smart on something(and you can\’t be samrt on everything) surround yourself with smart people. Surround yourself with smart professionals with great tools to teach you.

So whoever you are, wherever you are from, what ever your circumstances are.

Your business, your social ties, and your presence will be improved by using fully automated Bruteforceseo Evolution 2 (Evo II).

I have to change the handles do to privacy law but the events that occured are true so just listen.

I have 4 close friends in my circle and I got them all hooked on Bruteforce and Bruteforce evo 2 after using it.

they have all used Bruteforce evo 2 for various reasons:

One of my friends,

Douglous Z

put his myspace page worldwide and was invited over to China. he was welcomed with open arms and was treated like a celebrity because Chinese citizens recognized him as so called Doug z, the internet DJ with a chip on his shoulder.

Lucinda Bruno

took her books worldwide on ebay and ships to finland daily by promoting her site translated into finnish lango and promoting it with Bruteforce and with Bruteforce evo 2.

A friend of mine name Professor Dana Seiter took a pretty popular going green non profit message globally. I know you\’ve heard of it and she promoted it with Bruteforce and with Bruteforce evo 2. A Pretty popular United Way type organization picked up the slogan.

Ernest Kulzer (another friend of mine who works with me, and uses BFS for personal stuff on his off time) does the all but popular CPA. He says he used to think it was an overflooded market with clickbank and commission junction and amazon. But he remains on page 1 in google, msn, and yahoo for the phrase improve credit score which is a highly competeitive term. He promotes his affiliate links via Bruteforce and with Bruteforce evo 2.

He makes no less than 5 sales per day for a pretty high ticket subscription based membership program. I\’m afraid he will be quitting soon because the money is so good and he will be buying his own Bruteforce Evo II membership.

Finally we here at the office use it in our PR department for more than 5 years to promote 121 fortune 500 companies that we represent. We create untouchable advertising and marketing campaigns and promote them via Bruteforce and with Bruteforce evo 2.

and a corporate software license installed on nearly 372 computers and machines

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