Virtosoftware Announces Virto jQuery Charts ? a New Web Part for Creating Graphs and Charts in Microsoft SharePoint

Virtosoftware Announces Virto jQuery Charts ? a New Web Part for Creating Graphs and Charts in Microsoft SharePoint

Virtosoftware expands its SharePoint product line presenting Virto jQuery Charts – a new web part for designing and customizing a variety of graphical data representing tools including plots, graphs, bar and pie charts in Microsoft SharePoint. The jQuery-based component could use the whole variety of data sources available in SharePoint to build a graph: SharePoint lists, SQL tables, XML files and many others. The web part is fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.


In addition to wide range of supported data sources Virto jQuery Charts component provides a number of options that allow for displaying data subsets through convenient filtering systems. Using the filters you can display on your custom graphs and plots only the information that satisfies specific conditions and thus get a visualization of only those data which you are interested in.


The web part features allow all the SharePoint users to easily get a nice and clear visual representation of any kind of data stored in your system. Variety of customization options allow for creating fully original chart design through adjusting its width and height, RGD color coding of chart elements, highlighting data points, defining axis colors and styles, auto scaling axis, showing/hiding as well as placing and customizing chart title and legend, using a stacked chart option, and allowing for chart zoom. With all these features SharePoint users have a simple and at the same time effective instrument for designing variety of interactive diagrams to visualize any sort of SharePoint data.


Virto jQuery Charts is not the first graphical component released by Virtosoftware. In summer 2010 the company presented Virto Image Slideshow, a simple and effective component for quickly viewing images from the SharePoint document library. Later, in the end of 2010 Virtosoftware released Virto Pivot View for visualization and convenient management of large amount of data in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Together with these two components Virto jQuery Charts forms a complex graphical solution for data management and visualization in SharePoint.

The new component, Virto jQuery Charts, is already available for downloading at

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