Understanding how web-url forwarding effects Search engine crawler SEO?

Question by John K: Understanding how web-url forwarding effects Search engine crawler SEO?
Hi!! I’ve got some complex questions regarding search engine optimization and resolving them will help me have a simpler relationship with my websites and blogs.

1. If my blog url is lifecoachintraining.wordpress.com and I forward that to “www.validatelife.com” how will that effect the webcrawler effect? Like I use a LOT of domain forwarding to link up blogs like validatelife.blogspot.com to a simpler domain. Will that detract from site rank and chances to show up higher on searches?

Like if validatelife.com if forwarded to validatelife.blogspot.com will having that forward “dampen” the effect of search engine optimization? Like would search engines crawl out validatelife.blogspot.com or validatelife.com??? Thank you!

In otherwords let’s say I have a site and it’s address is xyz.booya.com

and I forward a bunch of domains like “www.validatelife.com” to it. And then I only tell people about www.validatelife.com” so everyone FINDS xyz.booya.com through www.validatelife.com…..how would that impact my SEO. I’d want xyz.booya.com’s ranking ot get high, but everyone knows it as www.validatelife.com. Thanks!

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Answer by Adrienne D
First, you need to make sure you’re doing the right kind of redirect. A 301 redirect will transfer most — but not all — of a website’s ranking power from one domain to another. So technically, yes, you are “dampening” the effect a bit. And while Google tends to handle 301 redirects well, some search engines don’t.

Regardless, I would not recommend that anyone run a website on a blogspot domain if they plan to make long-term money with it. You’re way better off hosting your site on your own domain.

Otherwise, you’re always subject to the whims of blogspot. If they decide to shut you down, there’s really not much you can do about it.

If you’re not ready to make that leap, it is definitely a good idea to promote your own domain name and redirect the traffic to the blogspot domain. You want to accumulate as much authority and traffic as possible on a domain *you* own.

Good luck!

Adrienne Doss

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  1. Boboo March 18, 2011 at 9:04 PM #

    If you are using a 301 redirect, you will also redirect your PageRank to your “redirected to” domain. So yes, this is a good way of working. Just make sure you use a 301 redirection of forwarding, but no frameforward (this is where the url in the browser stays on http://www.validatelife.com)

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