Tutorial for SIMPLE flash/xml slideshow.?

Question by Hullabaloo: Tutorial for SIMPLE flash/xml slideshow.?
I am working on a project and I have very little experience with Flash. I am looking for a tutorial on how to create a VERY simple flash slideshow that fades each image in and out, and uses XML to control the images.

I also want this to happen automatically after an interval which I can set. I do not need any fancy stage, buttons, thumbnails, or text. The stage is only going to be the exact size of my images (which is going to slid in behind a header container that I created. I can find all kinds of tutorials on how to do this, but they are all adding in more things than I need.


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Answer by jparkergs
here is a bunch of searches on youtube:


Find the one you need.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

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