TOTO Aquia II Toilet Review ? Lifestyle Enhancing Product

TOTO Aquia II Toilet Review ? Lifestyle Enhancing Product

For over 90 years, the TOTO Company has been producing superbly designed, great performance lifestyle enhancing products for residential bathrooms and commercial restrooms. Some of the remarkable products include TOTO Aquia ii toilets, Cst744s toilets, Cst744 eco Drake toilets and many more. This TOTO Aquia ii toilet review will show why you should make this toilet your ultimate choice.

TOTO Aquia ii toilets are not your ordinary toilets; they have superb specifications which will make sure that when you use your toilet you are comfortable. You can find either a round toilet or an elongated one. They can come in one piece or two piece configuration depending on your choice. They are ADA compliant and have a flush rate of 1.6 GPF, 1.28 GPF and a dual flush of 1.6/0.9 GPF.

The beauty of purchasing the TOTO Aquia toilets is that everybody, regardless of your size or age will find it appropriate to use. There are various types which you can choose from. If you decide to stick with TOTO Aquia ii CST416M Dual flush toilet you will have found a perfect product for your bathroom. It has received high ratings during ANSI/ ASME and CSA testing and is designed to offer optional 1.6 Gpf or 0.9 Gpf to meet the demands for water savings in growing population centers. It’s Dual – Max Flushing System has excellent rims which wash your toilet leaving it sparkling clean.


When you are searching for affordable toilets, TOTO Aquia II CT416 is one of the cheapest and stylish in the market. Its cotton white color creates a sleek impression in your bathroom hence giving your bathroom a sense of style. Its tank is sold separately from other accessories so that you will not have a hard time replacing it if it breaks. The main reason why this toilet was made is to enhance your every day experience and elevate the level on which you connect to your bath space.

Lastly if you want your toilet mounted to your wall, TOTO Aquai CT418 FG Wall Hung toilet will be the best choice for you. This toilet is paired with TOTO wall tank system which lowers water consumption hence saving a lot of water. It has optional ceramic glaze and an elongated front bowl and wall mounted push button type trip lever to operate the toilet easily. When you buy this model you will not regret because it has been given positive reviews by its past users due to its unique style of placement.

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