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How to remove wordpress footer?

Question by Mr: How to remove wordpress footer? As the title says how do i remove footer in the WordPress theme Neolux? The link to the theme is here: It is something about the functions.php and the footer.php you have to change something in… Can some of you guys maybe tell me how to  Full Article…


Make Your Own WP Themes! I love WP! I have made websites for my own projects and for clients I have worked for. I have found a powerful theme create that allows anyone to create unique themes in a matter of minutes. Artisteer…check it out! http


How to set up sub domain in godaddy?

Question by : How to set up sub domain in godaddy? I ‘m new to all of this and need someone to point me in the right direction. I want to set up a separate wp theme on the sub domain. I’ve looked at tutorials, help guides, etc. and I’m definitely not understanding something. (  Full Article…