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how to do cross-browser css and javascript?

Question by chuwen25: how to do cross-browser css and javascript?
how do professionals deal with cross-browser compatibility? is there a system? like there’s a list of heads up that needs special treatment and make different versions of them and use them depends on the client’s browser?

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Answer by Colanth
There are dozens of lists, but I doubt that anyone knows all of them. I just write


Howto: Hide HTML source code?

Question by 640m: Howto: Hide HTML source code?
Ok, so on most (if not all) webpages, you can right click on a blank section of the page, click view, then view source, and see the actuall HTML code.

The problem I have is that I have recently built a page that looks and works great, but the code is very messy. Now I know that a bunch of you


Unique Link Building Opportunity Using CSS Galleries

Internet business owners are by now very well familiar with the importance of link building. In a nutshell, more backlinks a site has, higher it ranks on search engines. Link building therefore is the most sought after off-page promotional activity for most site owners. But with so many people online and so many competition sites, how do you build enough backlinks to outrank your competition?


Making your Website Cross Browser Compatible

Yesterday, I wrote that your first goal in designing a website should be optmizing the load time. After all, no matter how well the design, features, and information may be implemented, it means nothing if viewers will not wait to view your site. But, you should also devote equal time to ensuring cross-browser-compatibility as you do optimizing your website. As bad as it is that your visitors have to wait