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I need a CMS suggestion?

Question by George: I need a CMS suggestion?
I prefer to make my sites in XHTML but its a pain to update frequently, moreover some of my clients want to do the updating themselves. I need a CMS that is stupid easy to use, lightweight, and most importantly need one that wont be a pain in the aspect of converting my html templates into cms ones, in other words, take


Country State List Drop Down Javascript Solution Only

A simple international country and state drop down list that automatically repopulates the state section based on the country selected without page refreshes. Select a country and the country’s states or provinces are listed on the assigned select box.

You can use a JavaScript to add all the country names and  state names to the Dropdown list. Which is actually done by HTML


Html 3.2 Plus How-To (How to)

Html 3.2 Plus How-To (How to)

Covering aspects of HTML through version 3.2, this manual includes topics such as multimedia, firewalls, CGI, and forms. There are over 40 specific authoring “how-to”s including multiple frames, nested tables and Java applets and JavaScript elements, with over 200 HTML problems discussedAlthough it’s rich in basic information for


Howto: Hide HTML source code?

Question by 640m: Howto: Hide HTML source code?
Ok, so on most (if not all) webpages, you can right click on a blank section of the page, click view, then view source, and see the actuall HTML code.

The problem I have is that I have recently built a page that looks and works great, but the code is very messy. Now I know that a bunch of you