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On-Page Optimization SEO WordPress Part 1 Follow these Simple Steps when writing a WordPress blog post article and you will virtually ensure your content contains all of the necessary elements that the search engine bots look for when crawling, indexing and ranking a well structured On-Page Optimization piece of content and this my friend is how you will get you  Full Article…


Apache Part 2

Heres a bit more on the apache.. shows how to do a variety of things including setting the directory index, disabling directory listing, making custom error pages, and changing the web root directory. Enjoy. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Story Snippet: Pink, Part 1 of 2

Story Snippet: Pink, Part 1 of 2 “Don’t chew on me,” she snapped. “I’m not a wad of gum.” Casey always liked to wear pink. Every day of her life, she would wear something pink as an assertion of her womanhood because she believed that feminists made the color illegal at some point. Read more  Full Article…


PHP mysql Photo album part 2

Php, creating a photo album galery with picture upload, resize, and simple forms. Sorry cannot post any links here, but the video more or less is ment to see the princpiples of programing, any code can be found on internet, just have to look for it. If you want to have the codes from me  Full Article…


FREE WordPress Landing Page Tutorial Part 1 of 7 FREE WordPress Landing Page Tutorial Part 1 of 7 FREE WordPress Landing Page Plus and extensive 7 Part Over the Shoulder Video Tutorial Seies showing how to install and configure this Professionally designed WordPress Landing Page Theme. Video Rating: 5 / 5