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Learn PHP in Urdu / Hindi – Introduction

………….. Introduction PHP for beginners Hypertext Markup Language Marketing MySql Database Search Learning Lesson Free php MyAdmin Urdu Pakistan India Punjabi Lessons web development design html javascript JQuery Ajax XML dynamic code embedded source ASP Graphics server client OOP Object Oriented Programming WAMP XAMPP LAMP Apache basic Syntax variable functions loops class Zend w3cschool  Full Article…


Learn JQuery AJAX Pt 8

I show you how to pass text and xml files using AJAX and JQuery. Also I show how to interact with php scripts, without a page reload. Ajax is an approach to using HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and the DOM. It allows you to create interactive AJAX applications. When Ajax is implemented with JQuery, you dramatically  Full Article…

Learn to manage your website using Packt’s new ExpressionEngine 2 book

Learn to manage your website using Packt’s new ExpressionEngine 2 book Packt is pleased to announce Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 2, a new book that will teach users all the key concepts of ExpressionEngine such as channels, templates and snippets. Written by Leonard Murphy, this book will help users to manage their ExpressionEngine website, including  Full Article…


Learn XML Tutorial Part 1

Here I introduce XML by covering: XML Basics, Explain what it can do, Compare it to HTML, Explain tags and elements, Show you what XML looks like, Explain the encoding attributes.


Learn Simple Php Script Programming In Seventeen Hours And Create That Dream Web Site Saving Thousands In Programming Cost

Learn Simple PHP Script Programming in Seventeen Hours and Create That Dream Web Site Saving Thousand in Programming Cost

PHP is what I like to call all inclusive web site scripting language. There is a reason that over 50% of all web platforms support PHP natively by default now days. It is simple the best. You can create simple PHP script, or very advanced PHP script for solicited web