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Spawn 2008 – Ribbit Flex and Air Code Samples 1 of 7

This session delivered a step by step guide on how to use the Ribbit methods and events that add voice to applications. Team Ribbit’s Wes Leaonardo presented several code samples that covered topics from making and receiving calls, messaging, to managing your address book. If you missed it, you can watch his videos and even  Full Article…


And So You Code

NEWS: Check out my new Trailer clip @ I just can’t get this great tune (of “Alors on Danse”) out of my head, plus being so very bored one night resulted in this video. More stuff can be found at If you are not familiar with uniPaaS – The most productive application tool  Full Article…

Adobe Flex (ActionScript) Code Problem?

Question by : Adobe Flex (ActionScript) Code Problem? I’m currently using flex builder 4 (actionscript 4+) and i’m trying to get a progress bar to increase without using any events (just show). Heres my code, which isn’t working at all : while (Progress1.value Test Movie to run the application. Click the Up Arrow on the  Full Article…