Snatcher – Expired Domain Name Drop Catcher

Snatcher is the Expired Domain Name Drop Catching Solution for Dynadot Snatcher v0.6.6a Modifications: * Added graphical user interface that now works in conjunction with the Query-string based code of snatcher.php. You can still use snatcher.php the old fashioned way by entering all of the variable names into the query string and letting it run in the browser if you need to do cron jobs. However, the GUI is much more user friendly and easier on the eyes. * Added maximum execution time for Snatcher to run. You are now able to limit the duration of Snatcher to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4. (There shouldn’t be much need for anything beyond 2) * Added functionality of end-user throttling control for the amount of seconds the script waits before proceeding with a new registration attempt. This is an amazing feature, but if used improperly, it could get your account banned for a short period of time and you will miss your targetted domain. It is said that dynadot allows 10 requests per 100 seconds per domain before they apply the temporary block. However, it might be worth your while to speed it up full blast when you know the drop time for the domain is nearing. It might give you that extra boost you need to edge out the big snipers. * Major internal restructuring of code. Rewrote and streamlined most of the functions for better optimization and error reporting. * Better multi-domain support through drops.txt. Previously Snatcher would stop running if any of the
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