Once Upon a Time in Php Tutorial Script

Once Upon a Time in Php Tutorial Script

Once upon a time there was a PHP tutorial script that lay dormant but full of promise in a land called cyber space that was not so very far away. At the same time in a parallel universe not too far from our own there was a young man called Jack. Now Jack heard about the beautiful sleeping PHP tutorial script and thought it was just the thing he needed to find Internet happiness ever after.

You see Jack ran a one-man courier business and he had a website that definitely wasn’t doing the business for him. In truth Jack’s website was just a fancy business card without any of the fine come hither attractions of the websites belonging to Jack’s competitors. If Jack could just get his hands on the PHP tutorial script it would instantly transform his dull website into a powerful customer magnet that would bring him wealth and women enough for any man.

So our intrepid young hero went off into cyberspace and very quickly found the PHP tutorial script. It wasn’t difficult to find or to recognize but Jack was extremely disappointed when the PHP tutorial script turned out to be something that he had to put a bit of effort into mastering. Why can’t it be simple like me? Thought Jack and he threw the PHP tutorial script at the Windows giant.

Now the Windows giant didn’t like having the PHP tutorial script thrown at it so it decided to sit on Jack and suffocate him with off-the-shelf packages and website design templates that looked like every other website Jack had ever seen. Jack of course, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer thought the Windows giant was doing him a big favor. However, even Jack soon realized that there was no improvement in his business prospects and he was throwing good money after bad into web design and hosting.

After months of fruitless struggle Jack went back to his PHP tutorial script that he had so cruelly discarded only to find that it had grown into a beautiful giant beanstalk with lovely flowering websites all over. So Jack settled down to follow through on the PHP tutorial script and soon discovered that it wasn’t difficult at all. It didn’t cost him anything either and he could take advantage of all the work that other PHP tutorial scriptwriters had put in.

In no time at all Jack had discovered ways to enhance his website so that it brought him more than enough customers to keep him busy and to even grow into an employer of other couriers. He also found he was part of a PHP tutorial script community that talked and supported one another as they learned and grew together so that they were more than a match for the Windows giant. In fact the Windows giant depends more and more on PHP scripts to keep it happy ever after.

And so the moral of this story is that PHP tutorial scripts bring life to tired websites because they allow website owners to control their own content at the servers of their Internet service providers. It is an open source free language that, with a little application, will give dynamic two-way customer relations.

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