Muscle Mag and Flex Magazine Beware: More and More People are Turning to Free Public Sites for Real Fitness Advice

Muscle Mag and Flex Magazine Beware: More and More People are Turning to Free Public Sites for Real Fitness Advice

In the beginning, man discovered his muscle building and fitness information from muscle magazines such as Flex and Muscle Mag. But as time progressed, these magazines became more about selling supplements than actually providing muscle building information. Today muscle building and fitness information has gradually moved from the ivory towers of the past muscle magazines and the synthetic hormone driven neanderthals to online based, real life fitness coaches and ebooks. The age of believing everything you read from Flex Wheeler and Ronnie Coleman, is little by little giving way to the age of Vince Del Monte and Mike Geary.

These certified personal trainers and their success stories have taken personal training and packaged it into an easy to follow online based course.

“What I loved about the course was how simple it was”, said Jordan Richards, regarding the Del Monte system. “I spent loads of time and energy on supplements and horrible ideas for exercises. I would of stood on my head if they told me it would help me get into shape.”

Bloggers have also entered the fitness market. Blogs such as and, are created by real life fitness success stories that want to guide all others lost in the muscle magazine haze of confusion.

When asked about the blogging world of fitness, Henry Hernandez stated,”The reason I’m glad that i stumbled onto is because of the simple and easy to read way that the program was laid out. There are no marketing or advertising trying to push me to buy a new supplement. It’s just basic but important information”.

There are sites and blogs similar to these all over the Internet. As this fad continues to grow, will traditional muscle magazines become the second-best place to read about fitness? 

 What ever the case may be, one thing is beginning to become abundantly clear, the business of becoming fit and building muscle may actually be getting  a breath of fresh air thanks to the individuals  who put their names and reputations behind the fitness and muscle building information they market.

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