Look inside the SWF file with Flex Decompiler

Look inside the SWF file with Flex Decompiler

After finding some really well made Flash or Flex animations it’s so natural to wish you could find out how those amazing effects were achieved.

Thanks to SWF to Flex converter, you’ll get a coveted possibility to decompile Flex file and browse through its source code to find out all the secrets it holds inside and learn something new.

Flex Decompiler Mac app is essential for those who want to learn the depths of SWF source code. With Flex Decompiler Mac app it’s so easy to convert SWF to Flex and analyze the initial Flex project source code.

SWF to Flex decompiler also offers batch decompilation for SWF files created in Flex – leave all conversion work to it and go have a cup of coffee while it’s working for you.
Flex Decompiler for Mac is not only a conversion tool, it can also extract SWF elements into various file formats and save them to your hard drive. Videos can be saved as AVI, FLV, MPEG, and FLA, images – as JPEG, PNG and BMP, sounds – as WAV or MP3, and texts – as TXT, RTF and HTML.

Flex Decompiler for Mac features full support for Flex 2 and 3 as well as Flash 5 – 10 and Flash CS5. Moreover Flex Decompiler for Windows OS is also available.
SWF to Flex converter for Mac is essential not only for learning Flash and Flex, but also in case a professional lost his source Flex project files or they got corrupted.

Flash Decompiler Trillix is a convenient Flex decompiler solution for converting SWF files created in Flex into their project files. It will convert SWF file into its Flex project files in seconds, saving your precious time and money. Now you can easily make changes to your project in native Flex environment.

And in case the changes you want to make are minor: replace the image, sound, video, link, etc. you can even do that without converting SWF file to Flex project if you are using Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows.

With Flex decompiler you can: edit SWF file (replace images, sounds, links, etc.) without converting SWF to Flex project files (if you are using Windows version);
Decompile Flex SWF files within a couple of clicks and then edit them in their native environment.

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