iPhone Tips & Tricks Basics

iPhone Tips & Tricks Basics

If you are an iPhone owner, most likely you love it and would be lost without it should it ever be misplaced, or if for some reason you had to part with it. Because so many iPhone apps are available, the iPhone is far more popular than other smart phones. An enormous number of capabilities can be added to the phone with these apps. Because there are so many apps, the number of iPhone tips and tricks can be overwhelming.

Needless to say, the iPhone comes from the factory with various tricks pre-installed. One iPhone trick that people love is being able to take a screenshot of the contents of the phone’s large screen. Any screenshots you take with the iPhone can be found under “camera roll” in the Photos application. From there, the photo is identical to any other photo on your phone and it is possible to text it or email it to people.

The iPhone comes with the ability to access special keyboard characters very simply and quickly. For example, just press and hold the “e” key on the iPhone virtual keyboard if you want to place an accent over the letter “e”. A small window appears after a few seconds, showing you several kinds of accents for a number of languages. This can even be done with some special characters like the dollar sign, question mark, and exclamation point.

If there is something in particular that you would like to be able to do with your iPhone, most likely the App Store will have what you are looking for. The App Store can be accessed via Apple’s iTunes software, and once you reach it, you can search for the iPhone app selections that suit your requirements. In addition, it is possible to check out the latest apps, most popular apps, best free iPhone apps, as well as staff recommendations.

A number of bloggers enjoy letting others know about iPhone tips and tricks that they have found it is capable of. Using any search engine, a quick search will reveal these types of blogs and you can subscribe to their RSS feeds so that as soon as they post any news, tips or tricks, you will be notified.

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