How to Track Your Keywords Ranking in the Search Engines: A PHP Script Makes it Easy

How to Track Your Keywords Ranking in the Search Engines: A PHP Script Makes it Easy

Imagine you are a professional website owner and business manager. Well, if that is true, then you are already in the top 5% of website owners, because in fact most website businesses make no professional effort to be the best they can be at all.

For the sake of argument, imagine that you are a professional and that you manage your online business properly. That will mean that you know your top 20 most desired and important keyword phrases.

And you will have built each page of content on your website around one of these keyword phrases. It will mean that you have optimized each and every page on your site around one keyword phrase, and that you are determined to be dominant for that phrase in the search engines.

One a daily and weekly basis you will be doing the things needed to get each keyword phrase on each page to rank on the first page of the 3 big search engines. And when your pages are on the first page of search results, then your effort will be to getting the number one position on the first page.


All of this is quite a lot of work, and yet you must still find time to serve the customer, after he has found you in the search engines.

One of the most important parts of all this SEO effort is to know where you are now in the search engines. That is, where does each of your pages rank for their key word phrase?

Of course you could manually search them every day, and scan all the many pages of search results for each of your 20 desired keyword phrases. But that would be intensely boring, and soon you will stop doing it – just because it is boring.

A much smarter way to do it is to in fact install a small PHP script on your website. No PHP needs to be added to your pages. Rather the PHP script runs as its own page on your web hosting server.

Then, all you do is login into the control panel, click one button and it will then go out and search for all your keyword phrases and report back where you rank for each of them.

That’s so simple and efficient that you will be happy to do that on a daily or weekly basis.

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