How To Install A WordPress Theme For Your Blog Using FTP? – Free Blog Videos And Resources on Blogging Presenting your wordpress blog correctly is the most important step of your blogging process. If your blog is not presented correctly and effectively, you are leaving lots of readers, customers and readers on the table. Nobody would like to read content from a blog which is scrambled, no matter how good the content is, right? But the good news for you is that you can make your blog visually appealing, effective and design it based on your needs without doing any of the coding. Thanks to the thousands of free and premium wordpress themes, you can now make your blog look amazing without much effort and money. In this video, I have shown you how you can find free and premium wordpress themes and install them easily on your wordpress blog. Here is a sneak peak of the video 1. What Is A WordPress Theme? 2. Where To Find Free And Paid (Premium) WordPress Themes? 3. How To Download These WordPress Themes On To Your Computer? 4. How to Install A WordPress Theme On Your Blog From Your WordPress Admin Area? Hope this video is helpful to you in finding and installing the right wordpress theme on your blog. Do share your comments experiences below this video. Prajwal Shinde
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