How to Fix the Runtime Error 339 with Ease

How to Fix the Runtime Error 339 with Ease

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Runtime Error 339 is an error which shows when an OCX file (typically dunzip32.ocx) is missing from a software application you are using. OCX files are used continually to help various pieces of software to control a series of different features, and are a vital part of the Windows system. The error you’re seeing is basically caused by an OCX file on your system either being corrupted or missing. In order to resolve this issue, it’s advisable that you repair / replace the file on your PC and that you fix some of the other common causes of the 339 runtime error as well.

This error will typically show in this format:

“Runtime error 339: Component duzocx32.ocx is not correctly registered or file is missing”

What causes runtime error 339?


The error is basically caused by the fore-mentioned file being damaged or unreadable. Every Windows computer stores a large number of “.OCX” files to help your software uniformly read a number of important functions, such as being able to connect to the Internet and being able to search through your files. It just takes one of these files to become corrupted or damaged to prevent your computer from being able to read the file, making your system run much slower and less effectively.

How to fix the Runtime Error 339?

The first thing you should have to do is to trace the files that had caused the run time error 339. Once the corrupt files have been detected, remove them from the computer and then install it. When installing OCX files, be sure to install only the latest version to avoid further errors. It is easy to install a revised version of OCX files as you can find them from a large number of software developers.

After that, it’s then recommended that you clean out the registry of your PC with a software program called a “registry cleaner”. Registry cleaners are software tools that scan through the registry database of your PC and fix any of the errors inside. Because the Runtime 339 error is often caused by registry errors, it’s highly recommended that you fix Runtime 339 error by using one of these registry cleaner programs. You can do this by downloading a registry cleaner from your computer, installing it and then letting it clean out any of the errors your PC has. It will then show you the number of problems that are on your PC, and repair them for you in the most effective way.

If you meet this problem, you can fix Runtime Error 339 by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can download a registry cleaner to solve the problem.

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