How do I make a content border in WP Thesis theme?

Question by Ralph: How do I make a content border in WP Thesis theme?
I’m installing the Thesis theme for wordpress on my new blog and want to put a border around my content.

Reputed bloggers Matt Cutts ( and Michael Gray ( both use the effect I’m interested in on their sites. It’s the black box border around the page and the padding away from the top and bottom that I’m after – exactly like they’ve done it.

Do I need to manually edit my custom css file or can I get this effect in the Thesis options somehow? Or even with openhooks perhaps? Bit of a newbie question but my tragically non-existent familiarity with Thesis means I can’t copy the effect without some detailed instructions from a smarter person please!

Best answer:

Answer by Peter
You need to find the id or class of your main wrapper, and apply these styles:

#idofwrap{border:solid 10px #3E3E3A;}

To add the padding:

html{padding: 10px 0;}

If you can send over your site, I can tell you exactly what you need to add to your css to get this affect as it can vary depending on the structure of the template.

Hope that helps.

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