How do I create a basic flash slideshow for my Dreamweaver CS5 website?

Question by edeta385: How do I create a basic flash slideshow for my Dreamweaver CS5 website?
I have searched for hours and tried to find a solution. Apparently in older versions of DW there was an easy way to create flash slideshows for your website (INSERT>>MEDIA>>IMAGE VIEWER). But I am using CS5 and that option is not available.

I am a beginner at web design, and all I need is a super basic way to create a slideshow for my home page with no thumbnails, controls, or borders. Just a super basic slideshow that plays automatically and fades pictures in and out when customers visit the website.

I have searched hours and found many complex solutions including using Flash Pro CS5, Fireworks, Adobe Bridge, jQuery, etc etc but have not found a simple solution…please help!
I’m looking to make something similar to this except without any borders

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Answer by Michael Long
Flash Pro would be the easiest to use.
All you do is create a empty frames from the start, all the way to the end. To basically create lots of images in each frame to how you want it. Create motion tween and your done. Easiest way to do it, I use that for my web designs.

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  1. Jessica July 3, 2011 at 2:58 PM #

    Do a google search for slideshow scripts that you can copy/paste into your website…you would need to know some programming to get it to work with your photos, and each time you want to change the photos, you would need to edit the code.

    The easiest way would be to build your website with Ultimate Web Builder – . It has a built-in photos and photo gallery/slideshow application that does exactly what you want and a lot more – like different photo effects, different thumbnail layouts, random ordering,…etc. And, each time you want to update the photo gallery or slideshow you don’t have to do any programming edits – you just go into your website Admin Panel and make the changes – as easy as using Word.

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