Email List Building Techniques For More Targeted Traffic

Email List Building Techniques For More Targeted Traffic

When browsing through online marketing sites you can frequently see a popup advertising program being utilized. This is genuinely an effective strategy to capture the interest of your targeted traffic. By making a popup technique you can instantly give your audience a call to action as well as convince them to buy your product or service by showcasing it as a good deal.

Popup Domination by Michael Dunlop is a great software tool that makes good looking popups. So I’ve put this on some of my sites and it actually allows you to collect peoples’ details by popping out and graying out the rest of the site. Now if you don’t want to do that that’s fine, you could just embed video sales pages onto your site. Remember we’ve talked about EZS3 in the content module, well if you’re using Optimizepress like this site, you can actually just put a sales video and ask people to opt in and get free training or whatever else. This is really your list building machine because remember the money page is about getting people to do what you want.

Another great way to do it is to put an offer, we call this an in line optin, so you offer that e-cover report that we had made on the content section. You tell people why it’s a good idea to get it and you ask for the email address. When we get to the traffic section I’m going to teach you how I get affiliates sending me traffic to this and this one is really amazing. I actually pay people 50 cents or a dollar to send me people’s email addresses and it works fantastically well. I’ve also designed a button that converts really well and it’s called the Schramko button. Anyone can use it for free. I posted about that once on InternetMarketingSpeed.

To put that form, I just log in to Aweber and fill out all the details that actually guide you through the steps. Aweber will actually give you a little javascript snippet that you just paste onto your website. Once you get that snippet you go onto Appearance >widgets and then you paste it into the widget on the sidebar.

If you have a lightbox form, then you would paste that into your Stats Software/Scripts. If you see a lightbox form, at first it would look normal but after a while it will fade to black and the optin form appears and it’s pretty much the only option.

You can definitely use popups to your advantage by giving a call to action to your money page. This increases the chance of getting a higher conversion rate for your targeted traffic.

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