Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is an amazing tool!  There is an extraordinary range of themes and plugins available—most at no cost—and it is actually user friendly!

If you want your blog to catch people’s attention, then it is important to spend some time choosing a theme that will stand out from all the rest.

It is worth spending some time analyzing your objectives before you make your choice of theme.  Who are your likely readers or customers?  What colors and images will best convey your content?  How can you differentiate your site from others?

If your blog theme looks just like thousands of others—or doesn’t suit the subject of your blog—then you are immediately saying to your prospective reader that you are probably not worth wasting much time looking at.  They will simply move on to the next item!


When I last looked, WordPress had 1208 free themes, ranging from the plainest to the most extravagant.  In addition to these, there are many more themes for WordPress available: all you need to do is to Google ‘free WordPress themes”.  And if you can’t find anything there that suits you, then there are also many sites offering WordPress themes at a range of prices.

In addition to choosing a theme that both suits your subject and doesn’t look like thousands of others, also look for:

the variety of plugins and widgets that are supported
whether the theme allows for the site to be SEO optimised
how quickly the theme will load

Spend some time on the WordPress site to get a good understanding of each of these.

Check out other key information at

It took a while, but finally the author got it!  It was great to discover that making your blog work for you is not as difficult as it first seems.

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